Contract Drafting and Review Services

Law firms and business organizations are constantly finding ways to streamline their process.  One way of doing this is by getting professionals who can help them draft and review their contracts.  The Philippines and India have become the major destination for law firms outsourcing their contract review and contract drafting functions.

Filipino Virtual Lawyers’ contract drafting and review services help law firms and business organizations reduce their turnaround time and streamline their process.  Our team of lawyers together with our reliable research staff can help provide companies timely review of all their legal documents requirements.

We draft contracts from scratch depending on the nature of client’s business and terms as may be agreed upon by the parties. These contracts include but not limited to  software license agreement, master service agreement, reseller agreement, consultancy contracts, asset purchase agreements, contract of sale, mortgage agreement, loan agreement and lease contracts.

Our team has years of experience in contract reviews that will assure our clients that the terms will definitely work in their favor, their interests are fully protected, and their possible liability would be very limited. We have lawyers who are trained to negotiate and discuss the issues to other contracting party and the latter’ s lawyer.

Why Choose Filipino Virtual Lawyers

  • Confidentiality guaranteed
  • Contract drafting and review  are done by Filipino lawyers
  • On time delivery of contracts and legal documents
  • Affordable
  • Minimal supervision is required

Contact us to discuss your needs.

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