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Corporate Services

Reforms in the government and infrastructure have transformed the Philippines as a prime destination for foreign investment. Starting a business in the Philippines, however, requires substantial knowledge with the local laws as well as the regulatory requirements prevailing in the country.

Our team of legal experts can help you establish your business in the Philippines, starting from choosing the different modes of doing business to its registration with the appropriate government entities. Once your business is established, we can also help you comply with the various reporting requirements set forth under Philippine Law.

Our Corporate Services:

  1. Intellectual Property Services
  2. Business Registration and Incorporation Services
  3. Due Diligence Services
  4. Corporate Secretarial Services
  5. Accreditation/License Application and Renewal Services
  6. Immigration and Work Permit Services
  7. Labor Services
  8. Tax Services

Intellectual Property Services

 Companies doing business in the Philippines need cost-effective measures by which they can protect their innovations, brands and designs in the country. At Filipino Virtual Lawyers, we offer a full range of Intellectual Property Services.

Our team of lawyers has many years of experience in drafting, filing and prosecuting patent, copyright and trademark applications.

Business Registration and Incorporation Services

Doing business in the Philippines has many advantages to foreign companies. Foreign investors, however, must be familiar with the different modes of doing business in the Philippines, their capital requirements as well as their tax implications. Our lawyers will assist you in determining the most suitable mode of doing business. We will also help you throughout the entire incorporation procedure most especially in the preparation of documents that are necessary for registration in the appropriate government agencies such as the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR).

To establish your business without delay, you need someone who can secure the necessary licenses and permits. The Philippine bureaucracy may threaten your completion of documentary requirements to set up your business. As such, our consultants and legal experts will likewise help you work your way through the hierarchy and bureaucracy of most Philippine organizations to ensure the speedy establishment of your business.

Due Diligence Services

The Philippines is a great destination for major investments. However, before making a decision, investors need to possess verifiable and reliable information about companies to enable them to enter into mergers, acquisitions and strategic partnerships more effectively.

Filipino Virtual Lawyers offers extensive due diligence services to its clients. Our team provides timely due diligence reports and information that are necessary to make critical and informed decisions for your business. We will also verify the following:

  1. Business registration
  2. Management and ownership
  3. Financial information
  4. Assets and liabilities

 Corporate Secretarial Services

Corporate governance is crucial to the success of every business. In the same manner, the administration, management and filing of company records is an important function to every business. Doing this, however, requires a thorough understanding of the legal and regulatory framework of the company.

Our team of highly experienced paralegals will help you maintain statutory records, keep records of the Minutes of the Meeting and other necessary documents. Aside from this, our team can also help you comply with the reportorial requirements set forth under Philippine Law.

Also part of our services are drafting of Board Resolutions and Secretary’s Certificates. As your appointed representative in the country, we will also make sure that any proposed corporate action will not be ultra vires.

 Accreditation/License Application and Renewal Services

As with any other jurisdiction, it is not enough that the corporation is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Rather, a business must possess the necessary licenses not just at the commencement of its operations but also throughout its entire existence. Our services also cover the application for license or accreditation with various government agencies which offer tax incentive entitlements depending on the nature of your business, including: the Board of Investments, the Philippine Economic Zone (PEZA) and other ecozones in different parts of the country.

Filipino Virtual Lawyers offers a full range of services that are necessary to the application of license or accreditation with various government agencies. In the same manner, we also extend renewal services to ensure that your licenses and accreditations are up to date.

 Immigration and Work Permit Visas

 Foreigners coming to the Philippines must comply with the country’s Immigration Law. Our team of legal experts provides effective assistance to companies and their employees in obtaining visas and work permits from relevant government agencies such as the Bureau of Immigration (BOI) and the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE).

Labor Services

Companies doing business in the Philippines are likewise expected to comply with the Labor Laws of the country. Failure to comply with the labor laws and employment regulations would expose your company to fines and penalties as well as potential liability issues for the officers. Filipino Virtual Lawyers provides our clients assistance in drafting employee-related agreements and with the necessary advice in matters pertaining to Labor Law in the Philippines.

Tax Services

Taxes are significant costs to businesses. Hence, it is important for companies operating in the Philippines to properly manage their tax-related issues. Our team provides effective assistance to companies to help them minimize liabilities and at the same time, comply with their obligations under the law.

We provide our clients with the necessary advise pertaining to the tax implications of their corporate actions and business transactions as well as in securing private rulings from the Bureau of Internal Revenue. Our services also include the representation of our clients at the BIR to process claims for tax credits or tax refunds.


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