Labor Services


Labor Services

Companies doing business in the Philippines are likewise expected to comply with the Labor Laws of the country. Failure to comply with the labor laws and employment regulations would expose your company to fines and penalties as well as potential liability issues for the officers.

The Labor Code of the Philippines governs employment practices and Labor Relations in the Philippines. The Labor Code contains rules and standards with respect to employment such as pre-employment policies, labor conditions, minimum wage, work hours, employee benefits, termination of employment, etc. It also contains pertinent provisions with respect to trade and labor unions enforcing the Constitutional provision that uphold the right of the workers to self-organization. Finally, the Labor Code also contains pertinent provisions that govern the manner by which employees can enforce their rights contained therein.

It is worth noting that Labor Laws in the Philippines are generally construed liberally in favor of labor. All doubts that arise with respect to the implementation and interpretation of the Labor Code and its implementing rules and regulations are resolved in favor of labor. Labor contracts also enjoy a special characteristic as they are imbued with public interest. They are expected to yield to the common good.

We can help you understand the salient provisions of the Philippine Labor Code. Here at Filipino Virtual Lawyers provides our clients assistance in drafting employee-related agreements and with the necessary advice in order to ensure their compliance with the Labor Code of the Philippines.





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