Immigration, Visas and Work Permits

Immigration, Visas and Work Permits

Foreigners coming to the Philippines must comply with the country’s Immigration Law. Foreign nationals who want to work in the Philippines must secure a Non-Immigrant Visa for pre-arranged employment from the Bureau of Immigration. Aside from an employment visa, a non-resident foreign national must likewise apply for an Alien Employment Permit from the Department of Labor and Employment to enable them to work in the Philippines.

Our team of legal experts provides effective assistance to companies and their employees in obtaining visas and work permits from relevant government agencies such as the Bureau of Immigration (BOI) and the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE).

Aside from employment visas, our team of lawyers can also help you with other types of visas that are available in the Philippines, these include:

  1. Tourist Visas – for those whose stay in the Philippines exceed thirty days
  2. NonImmigrant Visas- for special purposes such as trade, transit and study visits.
  3. NonQuota Immigrant Visas- For the children and spouses of Philippine citizens and returning natural-born Filipinos
  4. Quota Immigrant Visas– Visas granted to applicants with enough financial capital who possess extraordinary professional skills or qualifications that would benefit the country. A maximum of fifty (50) quota immigrant visas are granted in a year
  5. Special Resident Retiree Visa– A non-immigrant visa allowing multiple entries and indefinite stay in the country.


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