Accreditation/License Application Services

Accreditation/License Application and Renewal Services

As with any other jurisdiction, it is not enough that the corporation is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Rather, a business must possess the necessary licenses not just at the commencement of its operations but also throughout its entire existence. Our services also cover the application for license or accreditation with various government agencies which offer tax incentive entitlements depending on the nature of your business, including: the Board of Investments, the Philippine Economic Zone (PEZA) and other ecozones in different parts of the country.

Filipino Virtual Lawyers offers a full range of services that are necessary to the application of license or accreditation with various government agencies. In the same manner, we also extend renewal services to ensure that your licenses and accreditations are up to date.

In the Philippines, business permits commonly expire on the last day of the year (December 31). In addition, pertinent business licenses must be renewed before the end of January.


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