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Why Virtual Legal Services Are Effective Alternative to In House Counsel Services

Why Virtual Legal Services Are Effective Alternative to In House Counsel Services

Due to internet technology, business transactions do not need to be concluded through traditional meetings  wherein parties are both physically present in one place.Nowadays, entrepreneurs run virtual offices within the confines of their own homes.  They have employees who report for work but are located in different states and even countries.


What is a Virtual Legal Service

The same theory also applies to legal services. Legal services can now be rendered even if the lawyer and the client are in opposite parts of the world.  Availing the services of virtual lawyer or virtual legal assistant is the most pragmatic cost saving measure that a medium-sized, small or starting company can do in order to receive legal services at a reasonable fee but with the same quality as the services of an in house or external counsels.


Virtual Legal Services vs. Traditional In house Counsels

Given the quality of virtual legal services which is of no difference from the services of an in house counsel, these services are the best alternative that companies should consider. Engaging the services of virtual legal or paralegal consultants will limit the obligations and liabilities of companies particularly its liabilities as employers. Employing an in house counsel can be costly to a company considering that in house counsels will receive the  benefits of a regular employee, not to mention that they have relatively high salary rate.

Unlike in house counsel, virtual legal consultants are independent contractors which mean that once the work is completed, company can move on without the obligation of continuously paying them. Certainly, the work of in house counsels such as contract drafting, contract review, drafting of legal opinions, corporate housekeeping are just few functions that can be outsourced from virtual lawyers or consultants.

Based on some of the companies’ assessment, the work products of virtual lawyers are even better than the services of an in house counsel primarily  because virtual lawyers have a good will and reputation to maintain and take care of. While an in house counsel on the other hand, has at least some room for error, being a permanent employee who, in some jurisdictions, cannot be terminated without due process. Consequently, the work of in house counsels may lack consistencies, the services are sometimes excellent, but there may be occasional errors and delay in the delivery. These issues are not usually being encountered when virtual legal services are engaged. As independent contractor, virtual lawyers will certainly deliver in accordance with agreed specifications and within the prescribed deadline.

In engaging the services of virtual lawyers clients do not have to worry about the security of their confidential information as virtual lawyers, like any other lawyers are bound by attorney-client relationship      in which they have the obligation to keep their clients’ information confidential.

Considering the amount of money that a client may save without sacrificing the quality of services, engaging the services of virtual legal consultants and assistants is indeed a great alternative to a costly services of in house or external corporate lawyers.


Your take

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